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    Inch miniature bearings
   5/64 inner diameter
   3/32 inner diameter
   1/8 inner diameter
   5/32 inner diameter
   3/16 inner diameter
   1/4 inner diameter
   5/16 inner diameter
   3/8 inner diameter
   1/2 inner diameter
    Metric miniature bearing
   1mm inner diameter
   1.5mm inner diameter
   2mm inner diameter
   2.5mm inner diameter
   3mm inner diameter
   4mm inner diameter
   5mm inner diameter
   6mm inner diameter
   7mm inner diameter
   8mm inner diameter
   9mm inner diameter
   10mm inner diameter
   12mm inner diameter
   Ceramic Balls
   Hybrid Ceramic Bearings
   Full Ceramic Bearings
    Thrust Ball Bearings
   Grooved type
   Non-Grooved type
    R/C model bearing kits
   Associated bearing kits
   COX bearing kits
   Duratrax bearing kits
   Futaba bearing kits
   HPI bearing kits
   Kyosho bearing kits
   Mugen bearing kits
   OFNA bearing kits
   Tamiya bearing kits
   Team Losi bearing kits
   Traxxas bearing kits
   Xmods bearing kits
   Xray bearing kits
   Yokomo bearing kits
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There are many bearing manufacturers in China , but what makes CMBC different from
them? Aiming to be the best manufacturer and supplier of china miniature bearings, we provide
the best products and service with,

A complete supply with almost all the sizes and all the levels of miniature bearings.

The smallest size is 1x3x1 mm. No matter you need several pieces or thousands, we can meet your requirements since our factories not only produce, but also stock a large volume of precision miniature bearings for standard sizes.

Good quality & assurance.

Our bearings can reach ABEC-1, ABEC-3 and ABEC-5. We can make not only high precision bearings, but also low noise bearings. Our factory approved the certification of ISO9000:2000.


The lowest possible prices.

As one of the leading suppliers of China miniature bearings, we will offer you the Ex-work prices directly. That might be the lowest possible prices in the market.


Small minimum order quantity.

For most of our standard bearings, we need a minimum order quantity of only 100 Pcs per size. So, you will feel easy to buy from us, but for non-standard bearings, we usually need a larger order quantity.


Prompt delivery time.

The usual delivery time will be about 15-35 days. If what you need is just in our stock, we can ship it to you immediately.


Samples available.

If you are interested in our products, please kindly let us know. We will send you samples for your review and testing as soon as possible.


16-Working-Hour Service.

Usually, we will reply all your inquiries within 16 Working Hours.

Tel: 86-591-8353 3529 Fax: 86-591-8353 2109 E-mail:
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